From follower to leader.


Like a devoted dog follows their human, I’ve been following yoga for the past several years, seeking guidance, comfort, and food for my hungry soul. While not starving, my soul has been hungry enough to feel the direct nourishment from this ancient practice, keeping me going back for more and more and more. With each step behind my leader, I have found myself transforming into a simplified, yet more aware version of my Self.

I find blogging again as I prepare for this new transformative journey through yoga teacher training. I find my thoughts, once again, packed so tightly in my mind, bouncing around and against each other without any clear purpose or direction. They need an escape like I need coffee in the morning. Welcome to my blog.

Whether you practice in the physical realm of yoga or not,  you’ll quickly learn, like I have, that the term “yoga” is so multi-dimensional and so perfectly applies to living a simple, whole-hearted, and conscious life. While highly spiritual, there is no force of religion. There is no force at all, in fact, and I truly believe this gentle but consistent approach to my health and well-being has taken me further down my bumpy road than any diet or gym could ever…ever do. I’ve been on the other side, however, and have certainly spent some time with food and sugar addiction, body shaming, and self loathing. Like old friends, I’m grateful for their role in my story and wish them well, but understand that we’ve gone in separate directions.


Yoga has quite literally completely broken me down. While at the same time, it has awakened my mind and my soul and my body. My relationship with myself has effortlessly gone to the next level.

Did I say effortlessly? I meant painfully. But beautifully. You get it, right?

The process of shedding your old, lifeless skin can certainly be painful. Letting go of everything you “know” about yourself, about your way of life, about the world…can be painful. But there is a promise attached to the pain; a promise that ensures your new space and new skin will be the most authentic and healthiest and softest damn skin you’ve ever felt.

So whether you’re an awakened yogi (holla) or simply a restless human, I invite you to follow me as I continue to follow yoga through this next chapter. Your support and curiosity is truly appreciated. I hope to bring you peace, a slight sense of direction, and plenty of food for your hungry soul.

So much love,



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